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Are you troubled by the notion that an incumbent Democrat who favors the war in Iraq, is moving for an invasion of Iran, favors the USA PATRIOT act, favors expanding nuclear power and weapons development, favors taxpayer subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, favors the death penalty, favors corporate welfare, boasts of having cosponsored more Republican initiatives than any first-term Democrat Senator in history, has formed PAC's with right-wing Republicans Newt Gingrich and Lindsey Graham, who represents a state where upwards of 80% of her own party is opposed to her positions, and who has the worst record of any Senator in returning federal tax dollars to her own state, will be rewarded with what Democratic Party openly calls a "coronation" this year? Is this democracy?
Are you troubled that an incumbent politician so drastically out of touch with the wishes of her constituents has built a war chest in excess of forty million dollars, despite not facing a high-profile opponent? What big-money favors to be billed to the taxpayers are accumulating along with those donations? Is this democracy?

Are you troubled that Hillary Clinton, along with her fellow "Republicrat" Joe Lieberman, is co-sponsoring legislation to expand the Army by 80,000 troops, which, coupled with the recruiting shortfalls already ocurring because of the endless and unpopular wars she supports, will force the return of the draft? Is this democracy?

Are you troubled that Hillary Clinton is promising, if reelected, to spend the first two years of her next term being a part-time legislator and full-time Presidential primary candidate, and if successful in her pursuits, will abandon her elected post and be replaced by an appointed Racing Tips substitute? Should New Yorkers vote for an "empty seat" so Hillary Clinton can curry corporate and military support in pursuit of higher ambitions, instead of providing public service to the people of New York? Is this democracy?

No, it's not.

We cannot allow this to continue -- not in our name, and not with our votes. We have the power to stop it. If you want peace, vote peace.

In 2006, New Yorkers need an independent choice, a choice to restore sanity to America's foreign, domestic, and budgetary policies, as well as to the democratic processes by which we, as citizens of this nation, govern ourselves -- a choice for peace, freedom, prosperity, accountability, and old-fashioned common sense.

WELCOME TO THE GREENFIELD FOR SENATE CAMPAIGN. Click on "Mission" to find out what we can work together to accomplish.

If you want peace, vote peace. Greenfield For Senate.

Greenfield for Senate * P.O. Box 762 * New Paltz, NY * 12561

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